Photon Milky Way (PMW) is an ERC-20 based Layer 2 digital currency,
a core component of the Layer 1 Photon Space Chain (PSC) web 3 ecosystem.


Aurora: the god of joy

Aurora, the cosmic cat, is the deity entrusted with overseeing
the delights of Photon Space.
Each planet within the Aurora galaxy engages
in production activities that are uniquely enjoyable.
Furthermore, these activities yield a variety of goods
that can be traded within the Nova galaxy.

Welcome to the world of the Claw Machine Planet,
where gigantic cranes are always on the move!
Join the first adventure with a dozen animal companions!
Gather a diverse cast of animal friends,
each with their unique concept, and enhance their abilities!
While relishing your journey, you'll also get updates
on your animal pals.
Now, let's embark on our adventure!

This is Planet Mining Maze, surrounded by
a mysterious labyrinth!
The animal friends who left Claw Planet have become trapped
in the maze!
Can the animal friends safely navigate through the dark,
monster-infested mazes?
The animal friends need your help!

Welcome to the vibrant and energetic planet of Spolive!
Aurora, captivated by the diverse sports of Earth, has become
captivated by the fun of predicting games!
All the friends have gathered, enjoying the party, cheering and
singing for different teams with unique chants.
Shall we join the cheering?


Nova: the god of wealth

Nova, the black hole stingray, is Photon Space's deity of wealth.
The galaxy of Nova possesses a gravitational pull-like force that
attracts shining objects, resulting in the formation of the largest
marketplace in the galaxy.
There, everyone becomes both a merchant and a customer,
engaging in the trade of rare and valuable items.

Nova Hatcher Planet is a market for trading NFTs.
This planet offers a wide variety of NFTs, from those usable
within the planets of the Aurora Galaxy to others that
are utilized beyond Photon Space, in other universes.

Planet GCX is a market for trading eco-friendly credits.
Aligning with Photon Space's eco-friendly policies,
this planet features a variety of environmental commodities,
such as carbon credits and RECs!


Wiki: The god of wisdom

Wiki, hailing from Earth, is the god of wisdom in Photon Space.
The galaxy of Wiki has become a grand forum where
the knowledge of Earth and Photon Space converge.
Beyond this, the knowledge disseminated from this place holds
precious value in the galaxies of Aurora and Nova.

The RandomWikiBox planet is the largest library in the cosmos,
where all the knowledge of Earth and the universe has been
fused and reborn.
Methods for exploring the planets of the Aurora and
Nova galaxies are all documented here as well.


Photon Milky Way

Q1.What is PMW?

Photon Milky Way (PMW) is an ERC-20 based Layer 2 digital currency, a core component of the Photon Space Chain (PSC) web 3 ecosystem.

Q2.Why is PMW special?

Layer 2 PMW and Layer 1 PSC harness blockchain technology not just for entertainment and fun, but also to support initiatives aimed at fostering economic, educational, and social equity as well as addressing pressing environmental concerns in our evolving society.

Q3.Where can I view the PMW whitepaper?

You can find the PMW whitepaper at the following link:

Q4.Founders of PMW

PMW was initiated by ZTQ Games, an entity under ZTQ Holding, co-founded by Ramon Lee, Sean Kim, and Jun Seo.

Q5.Where can I buy Photon Milky Way (PMW)

PMW is available for trading on an increasing number of exchanges, offering USDT pairs. You can find PMW on Coinstore []( and ZORIXchange [](

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